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Consultant Gastroenterologist

Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital, Beed Bypass Road, Aurangabad
Monday to Friday (10 am to 5 pm)
Phone - 0240 2377999 (Ext - 529, 168)

Evening OPD

Ganjewar Gastro & Liver Clinic
Manik Arcade, Kalda Corner, Aurangabad
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general information

Medical Specialty

General Gastroenterology & Hepatology

During the formal training of DM (Gastro) and 5 years post DM experience, I have been exposed to vast spectrum of medical Gastroenterology and Hepatology patients. I have been involved in management and clinical research of various disorders like functional bowel disorders, G I dysmotility, inflammatory bowel disorders, various pancreatic disorders, gastrointestinal and liver malignancies. I have managed various liver diseases including patients of cirrhosis due to alcoholic liver disease, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Wilson Disease and others.


I am glad to inform that I have been trained and routinely performing various diagnostic and therapeutic upper G I procedures like band ligation and sclerotherapy for esophageal varices, glue injection for fundal varices, Danis stent for refractory bleed from esophageal varices, endoscopic therapy for duodenal ulcer in form of injection therapy, hemoclip application , argon plasma coagulation and hemospray therapy.

I do perform esophageal stricture dilatation by S G dilators or CRE balloon dilators and achlasia cardia dilatation by pneumatic balloon dilator. I have been used to do luminal stenting for palliation of esophageal malignancies and antral malignancies with gastric outlet obstruction. I use Narrow Band Imaging, a new and innovative technology for assessment of reflux disease patients and for surveillance of patients with Barrett`s Esophagus.


I am routinely performing diagnostic and therapeutic Ileo-Colonoscopies. I am skilled in performing polypectomies for colonic polyps including endoloop application and piecemeal polypectomies for large colonic polyps. I do perform colonic stenting for palliation of left sided colonic obstruction. It can also be done as bridge to surgery in operable colonic malignancies presenting with acute obstruction.


ERCP is technically demanding procedure. I have been involved actively in management of various hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases and perform biliary and pancreatic ERCP from 2009 onwards. I do perform ERCP for obstructive Jaundice due to choledocholithiasis (CBD Stones), CBD stricture and various malignancies like ampullary malignancy, pancreatic malignancy, cholangiocarcinoma and gall bladder malignancy.

I have experience in pancreatic ERCP for pancreatic ductal calculi, pancreatic ductal stricture, and pancreatic ascites. I have experience in endoscopic pseudocyst drainage with or without Endoscopic ultrasound guidance.

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

Endoscopic ultrasound is one of the most recent advances in gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures. EUS is a high resolution imaging modality that has evolved not only as diagnostic tool but also as therapeutic intervention. In this, we can scan various structures in and around the gastrointestinal wall by an ultrasonography transducer probe arranged at the tip of this advanced scope. EUS is the state of art and high resolution imaging for various diseases like mediastinal lymphadenopathy, sub mucosal pathologies in gastrointestinal wall, pancreatic malignancy and Hepatobiliary pathologies, rectal and peri-rectal pathologies.

EUS has very significant role in invasive diagnosis in form of tissue sampling for mediastinal lymph nodes (Otherwise difficult to approach), SOL in head of pancreas. With the help of EUS, we can drain pancreatic pseudocyst in difficult underlying clinical situations like portal hypertension, no obvious endoscopic bulge. This procedure can eliminate the need of surgery for such cases.

I am happy to provide such advanced procedures in City of Aurangabad.